“Should I Stay or Should I Go?” 


The timeless question posed by The Clash back in 1982.
Answer these 10 simple questions below to see if you and your existing home have a future or
If it’s time to move on.  



Hey there, frustrated homeowner,  
Because you’re here, I’m going to assume something at home just isn’t working.
There’s usually 4 areas of frustration with homeowners…….
Does something here sound familiar to you?

  • It’s too small – Your family is growing.  You’ve got stuff everywhere and on every surface.  It’s even coming out of drawers and closets. You need more space and you’ll either have to add on square footage to accommodate your growing needs……or move.
  • It’s unfunctional – Your spaces feel cluttered and don’t flow well….especially in the high traffic areas like the back door and kitchen.  There are rooms you don’t even use.  (Can you say “formal dining room”?)  You know there’s a better way to design the space you already have.  You just can’t figure out how.
  • It’s out of date – You want something beautiful to come home to, instead of pre-2000’s decorating.  You’re ready for something really special.  Something to be proud of.  This is your haven and you want it to nurture and inspire you, instead of frustrate you.
  • It’s too big and too much work – The kids are gone and you’re ready to downsize.  There’s hinges falling off doors, peeling paint and a new roof needed.  Argh!  But this was supposed to be “your time” now.  Time for golf, lunches and travel.  No more weekends spent cutting the grass or working on the dishwasher.

You know there’s a better way, you just don’t know where to start.
You’re done thinking about it and wasting time.  

You just want to move ahead.  Wherever that will be.

You’re ready for something new.  Something better.  Something different.  You’re thinking maybe it’s time cut your losses and sell.

But hang on there.  Don’t jump ship quite yet……You and your home have some serious history. 
Have you thought about all the good things your home’s location has to offer?

  • You have really great  friendships and connections.  Who will you have a beer or glass of wine with on a Tuesday night?  Let your dog out?  Watch your house when you’re on vacation?  Let you know when your garage door is left open?
  • ​You have memories.  Your babies grew up there.  There’s notches in the door frame and the tree you planted on Earth Day when they were in kindergarten.
  • Your kids also feel safe there.  Their,friends are around the corner and school is so close.  
  • You know your home’s “behavior”.  You know where it leaks and what you need to do to prepare for snow and rain.
  • You know your neighborhood’s noises and sights.  Who knows who you’ll be living next to if you move.  They could have 5 dogs or like to cut the grass at 7am on Saturday.  They could have partying teenagers or party too much themselves.  Or there might be a train whistle that is 2 miles away, but it sounds like it’s going through your back yard.
  • And for you downsize-ers……although your home may seem too big now with the kids off to college, they usually come back.  And at some point, with your grandchildren. ​ I know you need a break now, but when you can’t host holiday get togethers, you may be cursing that trendy condo with no parking or room for a high chair.

So…..although it’s making you crazy, there’s a lot of good there too.  
Answer the following questions and see if your home is “re-design-able” or if you should really just cut ties and move.

  1. When you first bought your home, what did you love about it?_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. What’s changed?  Why?_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. Do you love your neighborhood? ________What about it is so special?_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. Do you have friends that still live close?_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  5. How about your kids (if you have them)…..are they attached to the neighborhood and friends?_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  6. How about the local conveniences and driving distances to work and school?  How important are they?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  7. What are your neighbors like?  Are they easy to get along with?  Are they quiet?  Helpful?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  8. When you pull up to it, do you see its potential?  Are you just overwhelmed with maintenance?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  9. How’s the parking and storage?  ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  10. And last but not least…….once you get in the door, do you feel relieved to be home?  ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Hmmmm…..got you thinking, right?
These questions may seem obvious, but they tend to get overlooked when things get bad.  It would be so much easier to start over sometimes, but there’s a TON of things involved in moving to consider.  It’s expensive and there’s a lot of unknowns.  “Known Entities” are priceless.  Right now you may have low fuss neighbors, proximity to work, life-long friendships, schools and other conveniences.  Sometimes it’s the things we take for granted that are the most difficult to replicate.

All this being said, you know you need things to change.  Some how.  Some way.  

Take stock of what you have currently and what you want for your future and see if a remodel can bridge that gap.  If not?  Then you know a move is the way to go.  By taking stock and flushing out your possibilities, you know you did your due diligence.

Of course there are stories that remodeling can be hell…..but not always.  Not with the right people.  Most clients say it’s actually been a ton of fun and exciting!  It’s very rewarding to see such a transformation of something so personal and near to your heart.  That’s why those makeover shows are so darn popular.  We see ourselves in those owner’s “wows” during the Big Reveal.

Whether you decide to “Stay or Go”……. the point is, you deserve a home that you love.  A home that is not only beautiful and functional, but also provides a comfortable place to relax and spend time with your loved ones.  Basically, a home that you love and it loves you back.  If you can’t imagine how your existing home can do that for you, I’d love to help brainstorm some solutions to make it your dream.  

On the other hand, if you decide to move, I can help you with that too.  You can bring me to your next walk-through.  I’m that objective person you’ve always wanted along that can see potential, warn of flaws and look at some budgeting.  And the most important?……I’m not there to sell you the house.  I can give you some unbiased, objective opinions.


Hi.  I’m Traci Elliott.  I specialize in helping homeowners find, envision, design, and create the home of their dreams.  

Sometimes that’s where they are now…..
And sometimes it isn’t.

If you have more questions…..shoot me an email at:

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