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Hey there! My name is Traci and I help busy people create beautifully functional living spaces.  My clients feel uninspired, suffocated and overwhelmed by their homes instead of energized, relaxed and nurtured.  

As partners, we’ll create a personalized design that emphasizes simplicity, comfort and beauty over square footage and meaningless stuff, so you can truly feel “at home” in your home.  

For 25 years I’ve been a designer and builder in the residential construction industry (including almost 150 homes!) and I believe my passion for the work, my expertise in navigating the “shark infested waters” of construction along with your quest for your dream home, we’ll create something really successful while being on budget, on time, and most importantly, really beautiful.

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I’m a practicing Minimalist.

What does that mean?  It means I have a tendency to want to do everything and have lots of really cool stuff, but I’ve devoted my life and my business to keeping it simple for me and for my clients.

Minimalism, to me, isn’t about living like a monk.  It’s about living “Life by Design…..not Default”.

You’ll get no advice here that you need to get rid of everything but 100 items.  It’s more about being conscious of what you bring into your life, removing what doesn’t matter, so you can enjoy what does.

The thing is?  I still love really nice things.  And I bet you do too.

If you want a big kitchen?  No shame here.  I just believe in making it beautiful and functional so it can support your very best life. 

Minimalism, to me, is about having exactly what you want and forgetting about everything else.   

Do you need a formal dining room?  Or 25 purses?  Maybe you do….I don’t know.   You get to decide.  Don’t let anyone tell you what you want or need.  There’s a lot of dogma out there.  Remember…..it’s your life! 

Take a look around.  What’s there?  Would you buy it or choose it again?   If not, then why are you keeping it? 


Because I’m a perfectionist.  Well, a recovering perfectionist.

I came from a long line of perfectionists, so it was only my destiny to become one myself.

What do perfectionists like to do for work?

Make things perfect, so I got into the home design business.

I have spent a lifetime chasing perfection.  Not only for me, but for my clients.

I have been an architect for 25 years creating HGTV worthy homes that I thought would make my clients happy.

Meanwhile I was in my own home trying to create perfection too.  While raising small children.  Yah, I know.  Crazy right?


My perfectionism had no end and it almost brought me to my own end.

I was burnt out, severly depressed and asking myself, “What’s it all for?”

I couldn’t make my clients happy (enough).

I couldn’t be Super Mom (enough)

I couldn’t get my house clean and designed-perfectly (enough) and

I couldn’t get fit (enough).


Why couldn’t I find that elusive happiness at the end of that damn perfect rainbow?

Because perfection is a big fat lie.

So, I went searching……..


This seems to be a new thing, but it’s been around forever.

I was always into Minimalistic art and design, but now there seems to be this movement and it’s taking hold.

I saw that there was other people like me that were tired of chasing that perfect rainbow.

It was like a light bulb went off. 

I knew why no one was ever happy…..including me.

It wasn’t about being perfect or having it all.


I’ve learned a lot about what makes “home sweet home” and it’s not our stuff.  But!  It’s not about getting rid of everything either.

There seems to be this dogma out there that there’s a “right” way to be a Minimalist.

Sounds like more perfectionism to me.  How about?


Yah.  Yah, that sounds good.  Doesn’t it?

Less meaningless stuff, less obligations, less baggage, less burden.

Better design, better relationships, better personal time, better schedule.

There’s a vitality in a home and life that is efficent and beautiful.  Every human being whether they live in a grass hut or a palace needs a place to nurture them from the storm of life.  Shelter is a basic human need along with food, water and sex.

It might as well be amazing.  And yes, that can be in a grass hut.  


I had no idea where to even start before you came along. Thank you!

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